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طراحی چرخ‌دنده | Gear Design

The design and engineering unit of Asia Gearbox Co., Ltd. is able to design and map all types of precise and complex industrial gears using Catia, Solidwork, Inverter and Mechanical Desktop design software, as well as specialized computing software. Also, this unit is unique in its kind by using experienced engineers and expert technicians in terms of design and construction and according to the international standards of AGMA, DIN, ISO, and with the support of knowledge and practical experience in the field of virtual assembly, checking tolerances Geometric and numerical, stress analysis, simulation of the mechanical movement of gears and preparation of accurate and scientific reports are able to design and enable the manufacture of complex and accurate gears and gearboxes. Also, this unit has the ability to prepare and provide information related to the final drawings of gears, such as the type of material, the type of heat treatment, etc.

مهارت‌های طراحی چرخ دنده | Gear Design Expertise

طراحی مطابق با استانداردهای AGMA, DIN, ISO

Designing in accordance with AGMA, DIN, ISO standards

استفاده از دستورالعمل AGMA برای محاسبه میزان فشار سطوح تماس در چرخ‌دنده‌ها

Use of AGMA procedure to calculate contact stresses in Gears

طراحی نوع پروفیل اصلاحی

Designing types of modified profile

تحلیل مکانیکی سطوح تماس با استفاده از نرم ­افزار

Software assisted mechanical analysis of contact surfaces

انجام شبیه‌سازی سطوح تماس با استفاده از نرم ­افزار

Software assisted simulation of contact surfaces

تغییرات دندانه مطابق با شرایط بارگذاری

Tooth modification in accordance with optimal load bearing

استفاده از روزآمدترین نرم ­افزارهای طراحی دندانه­‌های انتقال نیرو

Use of latest tooth design software for power transmission

استفاده از روزآمدترین نرم ­افزارهای طراحی دندانه برای تحلیل و ساخت نمونه سه­ بعدی

Use of latest tooth design software for analysis and modeling