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صنایع فولاد | Steel Industry

صنایع فولاد

Considering the number of steel factories in the country as well as the vital role of rotating tools and mechanical parts in the production cycle lines of this product, we have always tried to solve the problems in the steel industry by supplying and manufacturing and timely overhauling of parts, gearboxes and related machinery. To improve the country with the highest quality and in the fastest possible time. We are proud to announce that we have successfully served the following companies:

  • Mubarake steel of Isfahan
  • Zarand Steel
  • Iranian Sirjan Steel
  • Auxin steel
  • Sangan Steel
  • Khorasan Steel
  • Ghadir Iranian steel
  • Pasargad iron smelter
  • Iran Alloy Steel

And we have become many steel companies in the whole country with the highest quality.

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