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Triple Certification – Quality, Safety and Environment

The HSEQ team at Gearbox Asia is proud to announce that we currently have three international standards up to 2025/1404 as follows:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality
  • ISO 45001 – Security
  • ISO 14001 – Environment

HSEQ Business Policy

You can read the HSEQ business policy of Gearbox Asia here.

Gearbox Asia partner planning and targeting is all about “increasing life cycle with principled manufacturing and overhaul and improving parts quality”.

Health & Safety

The co-managers of Gearbox Asia and its management are committed to ensuring the health and safety of people who work with the company. These people include contractors, business partners, consultants and other stakeholders of our company that our performance affects them.

Our new management system has been independently certified to ISO 45001 and plays an important role in identifying risks, developing controls and communicating them to all stakeholders. Gearbox Associate values ​​advice on health and safety issues through regular safety meetings, safety interactions and duty-based observations of personnel. All of these form an integral part of the Integrated Management System (IMS) and play an essential role in its success. Safety programs include training for all workers, special training for those involved in internal engagement teams, safety achievement recognition programs and many other initiatives that keep our workforce focused on continuous safety improvement.

Ultimately, everyone who works in the Co-Gearbox family is the one who makes the difference in safety.

the environment

Co. Gearbox is committed to protecting the environment in which we live and work, and we try to minimize the negative effects of what we do.

Environmental management is integrated into all aspects of Gearbox Co.’s operations. Activities are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, conditions of approvals, commitments and the Integrated Management System (IMS) to ensure that compliance is maintained and monitored throughout the Gearbox business.

The system is independently ISO 14001 certified to achieve sustainable development and continuous improvement. All elements of our IMS are focused on the environment.

Our communication circle

Gearbox Asia is committed to building strong and respectful relationships with all stakeholders and communities surrounding Gearbox’s operational business to ensure economic success and a long-term relationship that benefits all parties.

Gearbox Co. accepts its social responsibility to work with all stakeholders in the community who may benefit from Gearbox Co.’s activities and will continue to engage with local residents.

Co-Gearbox recognizes the significant and sustainable socio-economic benefits that our presence in the community can bring.

The gearbox partner seeks to interact with suppliers, local contractors and actively participate in regional trade groups and chambers of commerce. In addition to providing local employment opportunities, we are focused on making a difference through partnerships, sponsorships and donations. We implement a range of strategies focusing on social responsibility, cultural heritage management and stakeholder engagement.